My Mind Within by Brendan Stoneham

My Mind Within
The blurred edges of my mind get closer all the time.
I see the traffic flowing like a metallic orchestra,
Nothing is real, yet everything was.
Black and white is what I view.
There is no grey, neither colour too.
Yet black and white is not the starkest contrast of them all,
My mind and body are much more different, than even life and death.
Old and fragile is my flesh.
My mind rages on through the night.
Amazing answers and clarity I see, like no one else.
I run, but my body does not follow.
Once my mind was too old for my young self,
But now my thoughts are quick and the coin has flipped.
I am alone, or so I think.
But I am only a withered creature, with a mind like fire,
So no one cares, do they even know?
All my being is in my head.
What is this body?
All I know is that without it, I am dead.
I do not care for the body I now have,
But my mind I do,
So I will endure my body,
If only for the mind within.

2 thoughts on “My Mind Within by Brendan Stoneham

  1. This contains some highly thought provoking lines on the pains of aging. The last few lines about enduring the body for the sake of an active mind spoke particularly strongly. I was less sure what the lines about black and white were referring to.

    • Thank you for your feedback, it’s much appreciated. The lines about black and white were referring to thinking of things as right or wrong, good or bad, completely one way or the other, with no in-between .

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