Christmas by Andy McMaster

      Christmas by Andy McMaster   

Give my son to that human-saddened place
called Earth …?
And let them treat him
to death…?

And yet, and yet He shall reign
in the hearts of many
for such
a noble gesture.

And for this we celebrate Christmas
with tinsel and lights
and overwrought nerves,
we human beings.

Christmas. Christ, the child amongst ragged shepherds;
Three Men Wiser,
after following
an abstract star seriously.

He comes with no package,
no Big Deal; no January Sale,
only the gentle music of the King Singers,
and a hopeful look in his eye.


One thought on “Christmas by Andy McMaster

  1. I really enjoyed reading this. I’ve been meaning to comment on it for a couple of weeks now. If I don’t hurry up, I’ll miss Christmas!
    To me, this spoke wonderfully of what Christmas is really all about, and the huge contrast between that and what it has become to so many. I particularly loved the short line,”Three Men Wiser.”

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