I shall not weep by a shrouded moon

when winters veil is drawn,

nor vengeful sit neath bitter boughs

until the frozen dawn.

For I will take me to my bed

and dream the suns kind touch

for fear won’t take the dark away

that cloak I loathe so much.

And when I rise from sleep’s safe bower

to greet the precious light

I’ll know that with each passing hour

short lived will be the night.

 David Otter

4 thoughts on “EPITAPH OF THE LIGHT by David Otter

  1. Hello David,

    I’m the newbie, David G. Being a martyr to S.A.D I can fully empathise with your eulogy to light. The lyrics are very insightful, and evocative of long winter nights. Long live long summer days!

    P.S. I’m not really a S.A.D person.


  2. David’s poem is a brief but evocative insight into :
    – the despair of winter.
    – the dread of the dark.
    – the comfort of sleep.
    Much is achieved in these few lines. Also, I like the rhyme and the flow. It’s the sort of poem that can be read aloud, to either yourself or an audience.


  3. The onset of winter, particularly after a balmy summer and autumn, often carries with it a growing sense of gloom; as though a good friend is going away and we know that we will have to wait at least six months for their return. Whilst we wait we long to be free of the darkness and we embrace the daylight as a reminder of our good friend’s return.


  4. One first read I was saddened by these words. On subsequent reads I see a poem on hibernation and renewal. It has a beautiful duality to it. An elegant and well written piece that evokes emotions.


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