Paper boats by Joe Lyon

Paper boats by Joe Lyon

Paper boats in the stream

Moving quickly chasing dreams

Closely watched by two young boys

In a race with paper toys


Shouts of joy, boats tossed around

Mine’s winning oh! What’s that it’s found?

Can’t you see it’s got caught up?

Yours is winning now through my bad luck


The finish line is just ahead

A bird swooped down from overhead

It took the boat with one cruel snatch

Victory for the boy was dashed


So much fun they had and more

Both boys decide it was a draw

With new paper boats a chance to play

after all the fun they’ve had today

Many thanks to Joe who has set the Website off on its new phase. Please submit comments to help him improve his writing.

[If you wish to submit pieces please email me]


2 thoughts on “Paper boats by Joe Lyon

  1. Very well done Joe. Paper Boats really captures the warmth of childhood friendship shared on a summers day. Even when fate or nature intervene to disrupt the boys fun, their friendship is such that they are happy to concede victory and start the fun all over again with new boats.
    The two boys are not in it to win it, they are in it to enjoy each others companionship untainted by competition or complaint.
    Paper Boats is a window onto what childhood should be like.
    Again, very well done, Joe.

    David G.

  2. The rhyming language does really deliver the simple beauty of the ‘boat play’ by the boys. It is indeed happy and joyful, you can hear their voices. I did find the 2nd and 4th verses harder to read- the didn’t flow off the tongue for me as well as the other two.
    In saying that the repetition of ‘winning’ and switch in pronouns is clever and highlights their shared fun & friendship.

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