Again by Brendan Stoneham


Again by Brendan Stoneham


We set the light in twisting stars-
Our Seething synapses fire
With Splintered doubt.
We see Tainted Saints walk
Through doors ajar.
We feel the nostalgia of ghosts-
A fluctuating nothing.
It slips and slows, this state of mind
Divine, a man’s divine-
Transcendence of another kind.
So we fall from heaven
Into slow flowing water
Illuminated by the moon.
The transcendence of the day
Is vanquished by the night
How we drop once more onto the crutch of reality – Again.

2 thoughts on “Again by Brendan Stoneham

  1. This is my second attempt at a constructive critique of this poem. I hesitate; because whilst I admit that I am hopeless at poetry, I am able to appreciate it nonetheless.

    Having said that, Brendan, I do find that most of your poems contain a strong element of obscurantism, that leaves me bemused at the very least and baffled at most.

    For instance; is ‘Again’ about a sleep, or dream state [unreality] and a waking state [reality]; is it some form of transcendental mind trip; or, more bizarrely, some drug induced mind trip? Or am I missing the point entirely?

    Perhaps you might consider appending a one line explanation to your poems; along the lines of: The idea for this poem came to me…etc; or, the meaning of this poem is…etc; or, what I am trying to say here is…etc. I for one, would find such explanations very helpful.

    Also, I am inclined to think that unreality is more of a crutch than reality.


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