Sun by Angela O’Connor-Salinas

Sun by Angela O’Connor- Salinas

Up she rises early morn

Burning me with her glow

Embers of her fiesty fire

Scorch my gentle soul

Deep deeper deepest


Before you an enchanting warmth

Sei solare!

For I no such pleasurable vista

Her cruel radiance clouds my vision

Damp damper dampest


My drenched spirit sets


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4 thoughts on “Sun by Angela O’Connor-Salinas

  1. At first glance, this poem appears to open with the warmth of a lovely sunlit morning. A second glance however, reveals some of the suns harsher aspects. It is a burning, feisty fire that can scorch a gentle soul.
    What to the reader is an enchanting warmth and a pleasurable vista, is to the narrator a cruel radiance that leaves them cold in their soul. Why so? Is it because they cannot see the sun? Or is it because their body cannot bear it?


  2. Thanks aloc67,

    I must remember not to read all poetry in a literal sense; but to consider possible deeper meanings.


    • Thanks. See you soon. Hopefully we can all head to the pub afterwards for drink and discuss more things. I think we need a quasi leader whilst Kevin is on hols and am thinking of YOU! What do you reckon?


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