Welcome to

Retford Writers’ Workshop


Thank you to our followers – do join them.

Have a go at the triggers mentioned – many, but not all, of the works are prompted by the triggers, which are there to keep us practicing – and thus becoming perfect. (For our international followers, I do see that spelling mistake but it’s correct in English.)

Summer triggers: fun, culture, noise, craft – all generate a variety of thoughts responses and styles of writing. Have a go.

A group of around twenty aspiring writers from North Nottinghamshire all with a desire to improve their writing techniques.

We do this by sharing our work on a two-weekly basis at Retford Library, – alternate Thursday afternoons 2-4pm.

Have you got a yen to write – join us!

Some works in progress are shared on-line – on this web page.

All writing styles are used – fact to fiction, poetry to prose, short to long.

So – fortnightly

…and join us online – like, follow, and do please comment. The whole purpose is to receive constructive criticism.

Co-ordinator – Kevin Murphy kpm2@talktalk.net


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