INTERCESSIONS by Michael Healy


To ask for help

  1. A Personal Prayer

Oh God our help in ages past

Do not desert us at our last,

Overlook our sins, our greed,

Our vanity, and intercede                               

On our behalf, that we may gain,

A Place inside that Holy Train,

To take us to eternal life;

At least for me and my wife.


  1. Dear Wife, Please Help

Dear Wife do come and help me please,

I need your help, it is not a tease.

My socks are stuck around my neck,

I need your help, Oh Please! Oh heck!

I cannot reach my little toes,

They are so far down from my nose.

In between is my big fat tum

Oh please dear wife, be my mum!

                                                 Michael Healy


Broken by Steven Halinski


His lamp was incensed with

The essence of his presence

Of aromatic herbs that dressed

The broken exit and entrance.


Years upon millennia dashed the walls,

The sight of chalk had turned bitter

In a mind that dreamt for sweeter

But cinnamon savour could not save the sour.


Wishes granted but never his own

He was left, forgotten in a sea of sand,

Aladdin swore he’d save him

But what he wished was underhand.


A genie he is no longer.

Broken promises

That weaved a lifespan –

Trapped in perpetual sombre,

He is left a broken man.

by Steven Halinski

A Candid Reality On Searching Truth In Conflict by Steven Halinski

A Candid Reality

On Searching

Truth In Conflict

“In commemoration of World War 1”

by Steven Halinski

 So this is the fight left to fight?

The war is over but things aren’t right.

Easier to lose than to try,

Very much a disaster

Every day and night,

Nestled in my trenches tight.


Hail the bullets that hail –

A reason to thrive or fail

Listen closer and you will see

Inner thoughts never seen;

Notice now this new found truth

Soldiered from your toil and gruel,

Knife the lies that comfort you

Instigate your right for truth!

…and introducing

An Acrostic By…

Alluring vista upon me

Never before did I see

Grace of movement unfolds

Elegant dances to be told

Lovingly embraced in my arms

Adoringly caressed without qualms


Oh my colourful creature

Cleverly I make you a feature

Opulence in your surrounds

Never empty frowns

Nothing is forever my love

Original works looked from above

Revel, reward, relinquish and review


Angela O’Connor