…and introducing

An Acrostic By…

Alluring vista upon me

Never before did I see

Grace of movement unfolds

Elegant dances to be told

Lovingly embraced in my arms

Adoringly caressed without qualms


Oh my colourful creature

Cleverly I make you a feature

Opulence in your surrounds

Never empty frowns

Nothing is forever my love

Original works looked from above

Revel, reward, relinquish and review


Angela O’Connor


One thought on “…and introducing

  1. This is great. Another acrostic. Unlike my own which played on doubt and uncertainty and is a bit trepidatious; this one has a lovely cheerful lilt to it that lifts the spirit. For some bizarre reason I get the sense of a cat moving about in the words. I particularly like the line ‘Original works looked down from above’. Very well done Angela.

    Me thinks Michael H may have started a craze for acrostics.

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