Broken by Steven Halinski


His lamp was incensed with

The essence of his presence

Of aromatic herbs that dressed

The broken exit and entrance.


Years upon millennia dashed the walls,

The sight of chalk had turned bitter

In a mind that dreamt for sweeter

But cinnamon savour could not save the sour.


Wishes granted but never his own

He was left, forgotten in a sea of sand,

Aladdin swore he’d save him

But what he wished was underhand.


A genie he is no longer.

Broken promises

That weaved a lifespan –

Trapped in perpetual sombre,

He is left a broken man.

by Steven Halinski


3 thoughts on “Broken by Steven Halinski

  1. Visual component is great Steven, I can really picture the scene.2nd stanza leaves abit tongued tied with the alliteration and scent. Having said that I can literally smell the cinnamon!!!

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