The witching hours by Joe Lyons

The witching hours by Joe Lyons


On a night of ghoulish fun,

when the bold venture out

Some people filled with trepidation,

begin to scream and shout


Witches on broomsticks gleefully casting spells

flying over hills and churches bashing the bells

Cats and toads, scary things pollute the air with smell

the peals just keep on ringing, what is it they tell


So many ghoulish pumpkins illuminate with scary light

Until the candles splutter, or do they shake with fright

With young trick and treaters, home in bed with happy hearts

Who else is left marauding hidden by the dark?


Is it out of goodness? Will this last for hours?

Who knows, who can tell? Who has it in their powers?

Whose fortunes will compel tomorrow is a new day

While performing, some cross themselves and pray


Is it for fame or fortune,

will it also bring good health?

Does it matter that you’re troubled?  

When it brings you lots of wealth?


I thought hard about travelling, on this troubled road

I gathered herbs and witchy things, then found a scary toad.

Well it was scared and I was not, so I left it on a log

Even with all my newfound knowledge it could have been a frog


No one bothered me after midnight, as I went that way

I‘ll use that road again with swagger

And when I’ve had a drink I’ll sway

Now I’m sure nothing will harm me

on the darkest night or day.


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