AN EMPTY STAGE by Pete Brammer

AN EMPTY STAGE by Pete Brammer

As I drifted off, into a sleep,

A sleep so full of woe,

There came to me the legends lost,

In one almighty show.


Richie Valens bounced on stage,

With ‘La Samba’ in our ears,

But then he sang his ‘Donna’

That brought us all to tears.

Looking on was Buddy,

With an arm ’round Peggy Sue,

While Big ‘0’ stood quite motionless,

Singing ‘Blue Bayou’

A roar went up for Elvis,

A song from Gl Blues,

Gyrating hips and hair well greased,

And sporting blue suede shoes.


A youthful Eddie Cochran,

With that cheeky boyish face,

Sang about ‘Old Shorty’

And how he won the race.


Alma Cogan swept on stage,

In a gorgeous flowing gown,

With the glitter of the sequins,

Always the talk of the town.


Before the intermission,

Up stepped Nat King Cole,

His voice so smooth and silky,

Though he suffered bless his soul.


His chest and throat were very sore,

Yet his voice it never faulted,

Though it’s been so long ago,

Its quality hasn’t altered.


How great it was to meet these stars,

Like Dickie Valentine,

To hear him sing with Matt Munro,

So rich like vintage wine.


The Kiss Curl on his forehead,

Though a little greyer now,

Bill Haley showed us how to rock,

With sweat across his brow.


He rocked and rocked around the clock,

As we rose to fever pitch,

Gentleman Jim was next on stage,

His velvet voice so rich.


For me the biggest treat of all,

Being such an ardent fan,

Was Buddy’s ‘Raining in my Heart’

And ‘Dark Eyed Handsome Man’


Last on stage to end the show,

He’d been waiting in the wings,

Bobby Darrin so very smart,

With ‘Mack the Knife’ and ‘Things’


How could I let this chance go by,

Without a souvenir?

So I took myself a photograph,

In my eye a little tear.


The flash of light it woke me up,

As I lay there on my bed,

The realization hitting me,

For all those friends were dead.


Weeks later came a big surprise,

No bigger one, I’ll wage,

For when I picked my photo’s up,

On one, ‘An Empty Stage!’


2 thoughts on “AN EMPTY STAGE by Pete Brammer

  1. Great stuff, Pete. What it would have been to have had all of those stars taking to the stage one after the other. Alas, it was only a dream. Or was it?


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