Christmas is … by Kevin Murphy

Christmas is…

Christmas is a time of merriment … and melancholy.
 We look back at happy times.
 We look for friends to share merriment now.
 We look for greetings and presents to send and to give.
We look around, see others worse off than ourselves.
We look down at the earth, sleeping – resting after a busy year.
We look at the greetings from absent friends.
We look at the parcels, potential.
From our melancholy, we look up.
            We look up at the stars, the universe out there,
            The Star in the East.
            We look up to a future
Look up, Look up.

One thought on “Christmas is … by Kevin Murphy

  1. This is an interestingly introspective and retrospective look at Christmas. It is almost as though the narrator has taken a pause during the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping and preparations to take a closer look at what is going on around him or her. Indeed, the work could well have been called ‘Look at Christmas’.
    I wonder how many people did pause to look at Christmas and to ponder on that star in the east that still shines brightly after two thousand years..

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