The Pestilential Little Mouse by Michael Healy

The Pestilential Little Mouse

A sweet little thing – perhaps not!

How dare you come into my house
You pestilential little mouse
You use our home as though it’s yours
Upset us all without good cause
Disturb us as we fall asleep
With sounds of tiny running feet
Gnaw the carpets and the doors
Deposit mess across the floors
Be off with you, you little pest
And take away your rancid nest
Go back into the fields you know
Feast on seeds in furrowed row,
For there the farmer, if he sees
You munching on his fresh green peas
Or hiding in his stooks of corn
Will surely, and here I must warn,
Set his cat to seek you out
And that, I am sure I have no doubt
Will bring about the sorry end
Of you my pestilential friend

Michael Healy



2 thoughts on “The Pestilential Little Mouse by Michael Healy

  1. This is a delightful poem that seems to take its pace from the quick, furtive movements of the creature it refers to. As I read each line I imagined the cheeky mouse darting left and right as it evaded the warning words that pursued it. Well done Michael.


  2. Dear. Drranskill,
    I am so very pleased you like my little mouse.
    Your comments accurately reflect my minds thoughts as I wrote. The words darting onto the page.


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