In Ichibal by Michael Healy

In Ichibal by Michael Healy

A nonsense poem: everything has a solution   __________________________________

In Ichibal there lives a tribe,

Who sit at tables ten feet wide.

So when they come to eat their grub,

And here I must say is the rub,

They need a spoon so very long,

It will not fit around their tongue,

And so in order for them to eat

They have to use their toes and feet

And throw their dishes in the air.

Which must explain why all their hair

Always looks so neat and flat,

Covered as it is in fat!                                                  


by Michael Healy

2 thoughts on “In Ichibal by Michael Healy

  1. Well done, again, Michael. Another comical little poem to being a smile to any a glum face. This is a very visual poem. I can almost see the Ichibalians sitting round their huge table, throwing their food bowls up in the air.


  2. Thank you David, As you say. the essence of a nonsense poem is for it to be visual..
    That way the mind can make of it whatever it wishes. I wrote this with children in mind. but I
    am delighted it also seems to empathise with adults,
    Best wishes


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