I Forget by Michael Healy

I Forget by Michael Healy

I forget image - specs

So what was it I had a mind to do?
So why is that shoe not fastened?
So what day is it, I wonder,
What month, what year?
It’s clear,
I forget

And yet I had so much in mind,
Amo, amas, amat, tan, cos and sine,
The formula for brine, a bouquet of fine wine,
Three times three makes…?
Three times three?
Three times three, it’s gone
Why is that shoe undone?
Where is my coat?

I must make a note to remind…
What was it I came to find?
So what day is it, I wonder?
Is it summer yet?
I forget.

Michael Healy

2 thoughts on “I Forget by Michael Healy

  1. Hello Michael,

    Thanks for sharing this poem with us. Within these three short verse, you have cracked open a small window on the world of someone, who, through no fault of their own, has found themselves the inhabitant of a world of forgetfulness. Wherein, they sense that there is a way out, if only they could find it.
    Their mind holds an abundance of information and knowledge. But none of it is of any help in their endeavour to leave that land of forgetfulness. So they go on searching. From one room to another and from one thought to another.

    A very poignant poem, Michael. Flavoured with just enough humour to sweeten the pill.

    Thank again,



  2. Glad you liked it, David, Liked your hypnopompia Explains the end of my ‘Land of Ling Tong Boodle’, Have a look!


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