ANATOMY OF DREAMS by Michael Healy


What are Dreams?                                      
But another world
To which our sleep allows us entry
From a wet winter’s England
To a sunny Tropic Isle, for a while
There and back with just a flicker of a smile.
Ideally dreams are like that ‘host of golden daffodils’ 1
Or the shrill, calling charm as the early morning bird flies past
A world full of sun and the scent of new mown grass         
Dreams can be wonderful
Allowing you escape from the real world’s grind,
Even offering solutions to a troubled mind.
And yet they can go far too far
Unsettling thoughts which are hard to loose.
And may indeed induce the blues
Usually these quiet, relaxing pictures ease our cares
But rarely, such dreams may turn into nightmares
And back come our troubles and stiffening of our neck hairs
For adults it usually relates to difficult matters
For children it may be stories they have read or watched
‘Down in the land of Ling-Tong Boodle,’ 2
Might trigger their imagination and their mind’s pictures doodle
Occasionally they occur with a recurrent theme
And these will become our own special dream
But however good or bad they may be
They do not replace the real world we see.         
                                                                                                                        Michael Healy
  1. ‘The Daffodils’ Wordsworth
  2. ‘The Land of Ling-Tong Boodle’  M A Healy

3 thoughts on “ANATOMY OF DREAMS by Michael Healy

  1. What a brilliant picture you have put with my poem.  Thank you so much. Michael


  2. This is an interesting and an intriguing look into the realm of dreams. I particularly like verse three, that, and the rest of this poem, easily conveys the ethereal complexity of that realm into which we are transported by sleep, a realm that is quite often a mirror of our conscious life.

    Well done Michael.

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