A Pair of Faerie Tales by Chris South

A Pair of Faerie Tales written for ‘rival siblings’ by Chris South

Molly (Faerie Tales)

 Happy endings are for children
Molly likes them real
Three little pigs are in the pot
Can’t you hear them squeal?
Cinderella’s slippers smashed
Before she ever reached the ball
She cut herself on the broken glass
And bled to death by her recall.
Molly killed her dolly
By ripping off its head
Molly wants a motorbike
And guns and knives instead
Molly hates the world outside
For leaving her behind
And if the world hates Molly too
Well! Molly doesn’t mind.
Faerie tales are folly
Molly hates them all
Should a prince climb up her hair
She hopes he’ll bloody fall
Should she sleep a hundred years
Waiting to be kissed
She’d keep one eye half open
And make sure the bugger missed.
Molly’s made from slugs and snails
And puppy dogs tails
And things which wouldn’t rhyme
Sugar and spice
Would’ve been nice
But they’re a waste of time
Molly wants to be a boy
’Cause boys have all the fun
But all boys want are faerie tales
When all is said and done!


Image result for ring o' roses

Alice (more Faerie Tales)

 Ring o’ Roses
All fall down
A tissue
I will miss you
When the piper comes to town
Cut the laces from her shoes
Cut the ribbons from her hair
See her face as white as snow
Watch her stand and stare
In the middle of the Blackwood
Children hide behind the trees
Round and round
The candy house
Playing touch and freeze.
The piper’s tune is calling
All the children of the Rhine
Like a regimental marching band
They’re falling into line
Hand in hand
And heel to toe
Across the fields and hills they go
Heading for their Underland
Their eyes are wide
But hypnotised
And fail to understand.
“Alice can you hear me?
Alice are you there?”
Alice in her wonderland
She could be anywhere
Alice sees the children
Marching to their death
Alice has been here before
“Alice take a breath!”
Alice in her dream world
Reliving childhood memories
Alice in a faerie tail
Running through the trees
Ring o’ Roses
Alice falls
Powerless to help the children
When the piper calls.

2 thoughts on “A Pair of Faerie Tales by Chris South

  1. These are two very entertaining takes on the age old subject of faerie tales, of which just about every culture has its own versions.
    I particularly like these two, because they have a quite clever blend of the old, or the familiar, and the new. Especially with regard to Molly’s take on the subject, which is a mixture of the raw and the humourous. Whereas, Alice’s take is a blending of nursery rhymes and children’s stories, almost seamlessly woven together.

    Well done, Chris,

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