Ghost by Charles Baker

Ghost by Charles Baker

I’m enduring my fear, because I remain here
I desire to exist in the realm of the light
My flesh has all gone, but I still linger on
I’m taking punishment without respite
The tears are all dry, that fell from my eyes
Because my soul is no longer light
I have faded from view, with a penance I must do
Now I am hidden completely from sight
I walk in the gloom, with my guilt I’m consumed
I crave to be where the colours are bright
It may not be too late, please pray for my fate
I have discovered the wrong from the right
I know I’ve done wrong, but I’ve been here too long
I’ve lost my strength and capacity to fight
I’ve no conception of time, lord forgive my crime
Give me mercy with your power and might
Give my soul worth; loosen these tethers to the earth
Give me leave for the realm of the light.

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