TO THE WORLD A KING by Pete Brammer


In a run down shack in Tupelo,
A baby boy was given life,
A very lucky surviving twin,
To Vernon Presley and his wife.
His destiny, to change the world,
A ‘King’ to his generation,
Good looks, good voice, charisma,
To the world, a great sensation.
His songs and music touched our hearts,
With a talent rich and rare,
After what our parents listened to,
He was, a breath of fresh air.
The apple of his mother’s eye,
Their bond as strong as glue,
Love for each other never waned,
With a belief in God so true.
Religion played an important roll,
Providing a good foundation,
Singing together gospel songs,
About God and his creations.
We saw him on the silver screen,
To be honest, they weren’t that bad,
‘Love Me Tender’, ‘Blue Hawaii’,
‘Fun in Acapulco’, ‘Kid Galahad’.
‘Harem Holiday’, ‘King Creole’
In one he was quick on the draw,
A film entitled ‘Flaming Star’,
‘Roustabout’ and many more.
Gyrating hips left some aghast,
Outwardly showing disgust,
“A bad influence to our kids,
Inviting sex and lust”.
Called up for National Service,
He took it in his stride,
Swearing his oath of allegiance,
And doing it with pride.
How smart he looked in uniform,
But Colonel Parker had a plan,
Cashing in with ‘GI Blues’,
All thanks to Uncle Sam.
Based abroad in Germany,
Not born to be a killer,
Whilst out there he fell in love,
With a 14 year old Priscilla.
After returning to the USA,
He found it hard to be apart,
Missing her it must be said,
He didn’t have a ‘Wooden Heart’.
Although she was only 14 years,
Whether it be right or wrong,
In years to come he got his wish,
Singing the ‘Wedding Song’.
Priscilla gave birth to a baby girl,
No prouder could they be,
Proud grandparents attended her christening,
Where they named her Lisa Marie.
Sadly their marriage did not last,
Only he and Priscilla know why,
Had Elvis been the one to blame?
Did he sing ‘A Fool Such as I’?
We never saw him over here,
A shame I must admit,
The nearest that he ever came,
Was stopping off at Prestwick.
Millions cried when Elvis died,
No one close to hear him moan,
Laying on the bathroom floor,
Of his beloved Graceland home.
We will always play our Elvis songs,
Until the day we die,
‘Jailhouse Rock’ and ‘Hound Dog’,
And ‘Old Shep’ that made us cry.
Telegrams came flooding in,
From loved ones and his fans,
Out pouring of true sympathy,
For their friend now in Gods hands.

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