CONFIRMED by Charles Baker

CONFIRMED by Charles Baker

They thought it would stiffen the men.


Their backbones were already rigid. They thought it would produce discipline.


The men endured horrific conditions. They thought it would make an example.


Some volunteers were merely eager boys. They thought it would prevent desertion.


Days of shelling would shred a man’s nerve. They thought they sat in judgment.


From men lacking basic human compassion. They thought it would deter cowardice.


Men bravely faced an early morning execution.


Later a callous hand wrote ‘confirmed’.


Photo Credit: Dave Green. The Shot at Dawn Memorial is a British Monument at the National Memorial Arboretum near Alrewas, in Staffordshire, UK. It memorialises the 306 British and Commonwealth soldiers executed after courts-martial for cowardice or desertion during World War I



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