Uncivilisation by Chris South

Uncivilisation by Chris South

 I was born to serve

Given every day to give

To spend my vigour and my verve

So those I meet might live

This life in happiness and peace

But all that I encounter now

Is sorrow without cease

And so I wonder how

Can I achieve my task

When our cultures lack direction

Bringing misery and war

So I ask in my dejection

What can I do anymore?

When humanity is stricken

With a sickness so profound

That the blood will never thicken

In its gaping, festering wound

With too few clots remaining

To bind and mend and heal

The ones now left are waning

And forgetting how to feel

Compassion drowns as dark descends

And bathes this world in woe

Sinking as the shadow spends

The light I used to know

Yet still I must endure

As my daily bread I make

Wading through a mire so impure

It taints my heart and mind

But for the sake

Of others I must find

The strength to carry on

So in piety I’ll travel


Whose unfitness now astounds me

And in quiet desperation

Watch society unravel

As I witness the disease that now surrounds me


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