Georgie Porgie by Chris South

9th July 2015 – [See ‘Brave New World’ of 2008.Ed]

Georgie Porgie by Chris South

(A Budgetary ‘Cursery’ Rhyme)

Chris's Georgie Porgie 

Georgie Porgie puddin’ or pie?

Kissed our tax credits goodbye

When boys and girls go out to play

The rain it raineth every day!

No desert for them tonight

Their little bellies feeling light

Up the wooden hill they go

Dragging feet with heads hung low

And on the morrow they will see

There’s no more jam for you and me

Tears of sorrow flowing down

Since Georgie Porgie came to town

His box of tricks has made them poor

With bailiffs beating down their door

To take away their games and toys

You naughty little girls and boys

You’ve had your puddin’ and your pie

When streams of credits ne’er ran dry

Now Georgie Porgie wants it back

So future generations lack

Georgie Porgie what a mess

You’ve punished those most innocent

Lumbered them with all the rent

It’s not their fault we’re overspent

But damn them nonetheless!




Brave New World by Chris South

3rd October 2008 – [and now looking back. Ed.]

Brave New World by Chris South

(A Poem for Austere Times)


Is financial Armageddon here to daunt us?

Are we destined now to reap all we have sown?

Will our deepest, darkest fears come back to haunt us

And terrorise the life that we have known?

Is there nowhere we can run now to escape it?

With each rising sun its banner more unfurled

Whilst the hands of our own artisans did shape it

We stand in fear and face our brave new world.


What future have we made for our descendants

Did we ever really contemplate their plight?

Have our lives being lived in such resplendence

Condemned them to an everlasting night

We’ve gorged ourselves; our bellies so distended

They drag us to our knees with backbones curled

When all at once the feeding frenzy ended

We cower down before our brave new world.


Will there ever be another bright tomorrow

When sun and moon and stars give light again?

An end to self inflicted states of sorrow

Where greed and selfishness cause no more pain

Has our resolve to make this transformation

To the farthest depths of space and time been hurled?

Leaving us in bitter lamentation

To crawl the ruins of our brave new world.

Chris Austerity image

To Write a Poem by Michael Healy

To Write a Poem by Michael Healy

Is there a magic to writing a poem, or what is the way?

How do you set to write a poem,

I have often wondered?


Well, you could start with the title.

But, no, the theme should come first,

I suggest that is really vital.

Then note what you may want to say,

But how are you to do it?


I like my poems to have a rhyme,

Though that is not essential

But poems without a rhyme, can be detrimental

For the message to your reader

May be confused and even weaker.


Some poets have a magic touch

Whose work is really captive

Their poems conjure in the mind

More than simple words may find

And so their effect is just sublime.


So when you have some free time

Get pen and paper and write a line

Choose your subject and have a go                                      

To write a poem; you never know,

You just might be……. another Edgar Allan Poe

Michael Healy       

The Man by Joe Lyons

The Man by Joe Lyons

Joe's The man

 There was a man who came to stay

He stayed for months not just a day

Treated everything like his own

Though I suppose I shouldn’t moan


He was very good at making things

Left on his own you would hear him sing

With a voice so good it would ring out

Words so true without a shout


Around the house the jobs were done

To perfection each and every one

When the work had ceased to be

With his toil done now he was free


He had to leave he could not stay

We bade him farewell he went on his way

One day our paths may cross again you know

I was sorry when he had to go



By Michael Healy


Until about 20 years ago our garden was a rural field,

Alternately planted with corn, wheat or rape, to see what it would yield.

Then in 1996 this land became our garden,

A good 2.2 acres of wilderness for us to harden.

Whilst we wanted a pleasant garden and land,

To attract it as a home for the small wild animals was also planned.


It is now mature with trees, hedge and grass,

And a population of neighbourhood animals to last.

We made a pond to keep some Koi fish.

but a large Heron landing beside changed our wish.

So what do we see within our land?


One of the first was a family of five hedgehogs,

The biggest got stuck in the bars of a wooden fence;

until I got him free and put him on some logs.

About 13 pheasants regularly make home, mainly around our trees,

with woodpeckers and a family of partridges comfortable living free.

Our land drains its rain to the village brook via a 13inch pipe.

Living quite comfortably in this pipe are a family of foxes.

Though we have not told the Village Hunt!


The other week I shouted to my wife, ‘quick, look out into the garden’,

There standing upright and very proud, was the figure of a beautiful doe.

Her glossy brown coat looked so healthy. She stood for a while before she did go.

Badges come snortling for worms in the lawn at night,

Rabbits and squirrels are constant companions, but readily take fright.


And so we have achieved as we had wished,

encouraged and developed life outside our windows.Edited in Lumia Selfie

We pray our God smiles, on this small piece of land,

and all his little creatures who call it home.                            



Michael Healy

(With thanks to Miss Sophie Healy for her suggestion)

The Homework by Michael Healy

The Homework  by Michael Healy


My nine year-old Grand-son came running up to me

‘Grandpa, Grandpa, I need your help please’.  ‘Just lets see’.

‘Stop and take a breath of air, and tell me what it’s about’.

‘I have my homework to do tonight.’ ‘ Alright, I said, don’t shout.’

‘Well, I will help you if I can, but don’t forget it is YOUR homework’.

‘Tell me what you have been set, you cheeky little Turk’.            


He smiled and snuggled up to me.  How could I not help.

‘We have to make a poster on a scientific theme’,

‘And what subjects had you in mind, and what do they mean’.

He turned his lips down, and produced a sad frown

‘I have looked through the web, but not written anything down’.

Ummm, I thought.  ‘Well let us see’.


‘What about using water as the subject?’

‘No, that will make the paper all wet’                                               

‘Oh, silly billy that is not what I meant’.

‘My names not Billy.  Oh I know, son’

‘And I am your Grandson not your son’

‘Yes I know, it is just the way I talk’.

‘Well can we get on with my project,

instead of this verbal walk’.

I Laughed!

homework rainbow

We get the card for your poster and print ‘WATER’ in the middle

Then print ‘Facts’ on either side almost like a riddle

Followed by pictures across the top of liquid, ice and clouds or steam

The states of water is what we mean

Hey, this sounds good Gramps!

Well now I’ve given you some ideas you can do the research

Thanks Gramps, I will let you sit in peace now, back on your perch.

‘Perch!’ you make me sound like a bald eagle!

I sat back in my chair.

We both laughed.

Michael Healy


Shopping by Joe Lyons

Shopping by Joe Lyons

Hustle and bustle no time to stop

Time passing quickly, leaving little to shop

Men stand at shop entrances galore

Resignedly waiting, no smiles anymore

Such a vast array of clothing to buy

Assistants fussing, waiting, for you to try

This looks good but it feels too tight

This is my size, is that mirror right?

It should not make me look so fat

Do you think I ought to wear a hat?

Too many to carry

Too many to wear

Times running out

You can’t park there

With clothes you wear one outfit a time

As long as you feel good you will look fine

Who cares if people stop and stare?

Smile and be grateful that you are there

Feeling good with clothes like a second skin

Just be comfortable in the clothes you’re in.

Shopping Joe