The Man by Joe Lyons

The Man by Joe Lyons

Joe's The man

 There was a man who came to stay

He stayed for months not just a day

Treated everything like his own

Though I suppose I shouldn’t moan


He was very good at making things

Left on his own you would hear him sing

With a voice so good it would ring out

Words so true without a shout


Around the house the jobs were done

To perfection each and every one

When the work had ceased to be

With his toil done now he was free


He had to leave he could not stay

We bade him farewell he went on his way

One day our paths may cross again you know

I was sorry when he had to go


2 thoughts on “The Man by Joe Lyons

  1. Many thanks Michael. When writing this my thoughts were about people who come into your life and make a difference before moving on.

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