Ostriches by Chris South


 Take a good look all around you
Get your head out of the sand
Can’t you see what’s happening
In this mean unpleasant land?
The wolves are at the door now
Baying for your blood
Piecemeal won’t pacify them
Did you really think it would?
Bit off more than you could chew
When they were handing out their meat?
Well now they want it back from you
What will your children eat?
They can’t dine on bricks and mortar
Or swallow steel and glass
The problem is that Ostriches
Get bitten in the ass!

 Ostrich people

(Note from the author…for the British reader please feel free to

pronounce glass as ‘glarse’ and change the word ass to arse!) Chris

4 thoughts on “Ostriches by Chris South

  1. Thank you Michael.

    I’m trying to play Devil’s advocate here and redress some of the themes expressed in ‘Georgie Porgie’. Whilst I still uphold those views it’s not all his fault either. The ‘Ostriches’ must accept their part of the collective responsibility for the financial mess they’re in.


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