The sun shone bright on a closing summer’s night

Without intending I gave my wife a bit of a fright

Just listen I said in an unintentionally excited way

 My wife looked bewildered at my insistence.


I got from my chair and opened several windows

A soft evening breeze and the scent of new mown grass wafted around our conservatory

But at the same time came the gentle lilt of the ringing of our village Church bells

It was like going back to the vintage world of Miss Jane Marples, fortunately without the murders.


The sound that came through made a wonderful picture in our minds,

The birds added their tunes as they went to bed and the sun shone on the fruit on the trees.

We sat in our chairs with a small glass of wine and sampled the  array of flowers on trees and plants.

My wife brought in our appetizing summer feast, which soon we were enjoying.

Slowly the night clouds grew across the sky and the light began to fade.

As it grew dark small items flew with speed in front of our windows, local bats out for a feed.

The bells by now had ceased their ring.  I reached across and turned on the music, gently the tones of Elgar floated out.

How much we enjoy this idyllic life in rural country England.

                                                                                                                                                M A Healy


2 thoughts on “BLISS IN AN ENGLISH COUNTRY EVENING by Michael Healy

  1. This is a very pleasant depiction of a typically English summer evening scene. I was particularly taken by the mention of wine; albeit a small glass. Thank you Michael.

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