Christmas Acrostic by Michael Healy

For the Feast of Saint Nicholas (Santa Claus)


C the Carols we sing in celebration,

H the Holly to help our decorations.

R for the Reindeer who pull Santa’s sleigh

I is Ivy to go with the Holly, we say

S the sweet Sauce we pour over our pud

T the green fir Tree where our presents are stood

M for the Marzipan wrapped round our cake

A in our bed the night before, ah that is Awake!

S as we Sing on Christmas Eve.

D for the Day that we all should be pleased

A for All those in need of our help.

Y and so to Y, Yule Tide,

                        the old name for Christmas.

And a Merry Christmas Day to you All.

                                                            By   Michael Healy


A Place for Members to show work in progress and seek Constructive Criticism ... please.

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