The Secret (Part 1) by Michael Healy

The Secret (Part 1) by Michael Healy

‘No don’t tell me, I do not want to know.

You see it is a secret and so…

Keep it to yourself. I don’t need to know.

It’s not supposed to pass to me.

Tittle, tattle, don’t talk free’.


‘Yes, I know they trust you.

This secret that you have been told.

But that is for you and not for me, so

Keep your mouth shut….

Tittle, tattle, talks not free’.


‘I am not an enemy agent

And will not pass it on.

But if you tell me,

who else will you tell?

Tittle tattle, trust no one.’


‘But it is such a beautiful plane that they are building…

NO, NO, NO! Walls have ears, Say No More, please!’

‘But, you see, I am sure it will help us win,

when they make it in the thousands.

Its made of wood, you see. It will be so fast.’


‘Oh for goodness sake¸ SAY NO MORE.

That secret is just not for me.

I don’t want to know; to have that responsibility,

Tittle, tattle, don’t talk free.     

Loose talk costs lives.’


And if they get to know what you are saying

Those lives at risk could be our own.

Very soon we may be visited by a fleet of JU88s

To blow the place to Kingdom come

So with secrets stay dumb.


The next day the accountant caught his bus

No sign of his friend over whom he fussed.

A lady sitting opposite said ‘no friend tonight’.

‘He is probably working late.’ ‘That’s right.’

Next night they sat in the same seats.

‘Have you heard about your friend?’

She burst out, as soon as he sat.


‘He has been arrested. Caught talking to a guy he just met’.

‘Turned out to be a plain clothes cop.’

‘A breach of the Official Secrets Act’

‘He should have known better.’  

‘Loose talk costs lives.’

Michael Healy 


Michaels plane


Two men, friends, on a cold dark bus, late at night, not a light to be seen.   Heading home from a day’s intense work, one an accountant, one an engineer, both at the aircraft factory. The accountant is talking…..








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