CHRISTMAS 1 by Cyril Blackshaw

Cyril Blackshaw is in the process of writing a new book of poetry, on various topics all in a Yorkshire dialect. Its called “Cloth Cap and Spaniels”. Here’s a sample from last season.


Rarnd abart nar thas getting thee sens ready,
Putting tree up and wrapping pressies.
Sellotape, paper and a rate lot of bother,
Wrapping things up for the kids and each other.
Cooking loads of food, a ripping shot more than tha usually eats,
To overload stomachs with turkey, mince pies and treats.
Fussing rarnd thee grand kids wi all sorts of toys,
Dolls for lasses and cars for boys.
Then after Boxing Day when all of ’ems gone home,
And house is all quiet and thas got peace on thee own.
“Well were it all woth it?” tha’ll say to your lass,
“Aye” she’ll say, “can’r wait for next Christmas”.
Other chapters include:
Going to Work 
Death and funerals
Nights out at the local

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