THE POWER OF MUSIC by Michael Healy

THE POWER OF MUSIC by Michael Healy

Let music reach your hidden soul

Make you smile, that is the goal

To take away your heavy cares

And answer all your heart-felt prayers.


As if those magic music notes

Build in your life a line of hope

That things in time will better be

As we follow our own life’s tree.


No matter what may be the tune

From Elgar, to the wizard Who

Those subtle sound combinations

Produce a kind of exhilaration.


The harmonies mix within the mind

To interact with brain wave signs

To give a shower of stimulations

Which pleasantly bring healing sensations.


So let those chords flow through your ears

And feel the growing smile bring cheers,

Mix music with a cheery poem

So much better you’ll feel without knowing,


And the reason is sure to be M-U-S-I-C, Music!


Michael Healy


One thought on “THE POWER OF MUSIC by Michael Healy

  1. I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment of this poem; particularly with regard to classical music. My radios are permanently tuned to Classic FM. It is a commercial station, but, thankfully, it does not include loud and inane DJ’s prattling on.
    I find that the sound of music playing in the background helps me to concentrate when I am trying to write.

    Thank you, Michael.

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