A Visit to the Past by Michael Healy

A Visit to the Past

Although now retired I remain a coordinator for a Linkedin Group, the professional equivalent to Facebook.  Each member produces a brief biography of themselves from School onwards.  My own includes a brief mention of my first days at Prep. School.  One of our members read my biog. and noted that his children now attended the School to which I had been an earlier pupil.  He notified me and informed me that there was to be a reunion – ‘would I be interested’.  I said I would.  This resulted in a smart invitation to my wife and I to attend the reunion from the current Headmaster. As a result the past became the present.

Oh how strange and pleasant that Saturday seemed.   We climbed the steps that I had first climbed some 62 years ago.  Into the entrance, down the long corridor and into the main hall.  It all seemed so much smaller than I remembered, but then I had grown a bit!

We were treated to a splendid display of athletics and a brief play and music by the current pupils, as well as a very pleasant tea.  The Headmaster came and chattered enthusiastically to us and, clearly, I knew more about the earlier times than he did.  Sadly, all my masters had either retired or passed on by now.

I had enjoyed my time at this School.  It set me up really well for my future life.  Here, I had passed my Eleven-Plus and gained a scholarship.  More importantly I had gained an interest and some knowledge about life then, in the past and what may be in the future.

It transpired I was the only aged returner at the reunion, but for me it opened doors in my memory and this return to my past made a wonderful picture of life then, in a different World.

This brief visit to my past reminded how pleasant life had been. Just for a brief while the past became the present.

Michael Healy

2 thoughts on “A Visit to the Past by Michael Healy

  1. This is an interesting little anecdote. It reminded me of the age old maxim against living in the past. I adhere to that maxim; but I also think that it is good to be able to revisit those places where our good memories reside.

    Thanks for sharing that with us, Michael.


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