The Story of the models by Thomas Healy aged 10

[Michael Healy has introduced a whole school to our website. His Grandson is following in certain footsteps. It is Retford Writers’ website and no age has been specified. I hope you find this encouraging. Ed.]
My Grandson (who has just turned 10) is very keen on writing, I hope, with some encouragement from me.  He recently presented the story below to me and ask if it could go on Retwords.  I said that was not my decision and Retwords was really for grown ups.  I agreed I would send It to you to see what you think.  His School have also entered him for the BBC’s 500 word competition.  Perhaps we could have a young Writers section?

The Story of the models  by Thomas Healy

It was the night before my birthday and I just couldn’t wait until tomorrow, I will be ten years old. My bedtime  was close by and  I couldn’t stop thinking about my model car that I had bought  today as well as what I might get tomorrow for my birthday. Steadily I fell into a drowsy sleep.  I started to dream and in that dream I was staring at my model of my Dads 1987 2.2 litre 5 cylinder turbo engine Audi Quattro.  Suddenly the engine turned on, I shouted “Dad, Dad is that you” because I did not see my dad.  It started to rev its engine, I did not know what it was going to do next.  Quickly it sped out of the box and started rallying around dad’s lounge and my General-lee Dodge Charger jumped to the three seater sofa honking its Dixie horn as it did so. I had an Avro Lancaster model that was bombing the coffee table thinking it was the Eider Dam out of the dambusters. All my classic and modern red Ferraris were lining up for a dangerous obstacle race.

Someone shouted ready steady go!  And when that Spitfire flew over, the race had started around the coffee table in my dad’s lounge.  The Ferraris were first off the line with the Quattro not far behind, and the General-Lee catching up on them.  Clockwise they were going round the table.  On the second corner a Ferrari crashed, the Spitfire landed to see if it was ok.  On the corner there was a fallen tree, everyone couldn’t get past it apart from the General-Lee.  Suddenly the Shelby GT500 came in with all its might and it pulled the tree out of the way and every one caught up with the General-Lee.  No one realised that the truck was there and the trucks drove in the middle of the track on purpose and the spitfire came out of no where and picked the truck up and put it down on the coffee table so he could not get off.  Suddenly the Dodge Charger clipped the coffee table, spun out and caught fire, everyone stopped.$TMB$&wid=312&hei=312

Steadily, I gradually woke up.  It was my birthday, I ran down the stairs.  I looked at my models in the lounge and they were all in outstanding condition and everything was all ok. I realised it had all been an exciting dream. My dad came in to the lounge as I had woken him coming down the stairs to check to see if I was ok. In his hand he had a present for me in the shape of a box . The box was the size of one for a model car. I was really exited now. I wondered what could it be. It would be amazing if it was a Jaguar E-type . I wonder if it could have joined in the race in my dream. I wonder what dream I may have tonight.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          By  Thomas Healy (Age 10)

2 thoughts on “The Story of the models by Thomas Healy aged 10

  1. A very racy and fast paced story from an imagination that has only been firing on all cylinders for ten years. The phrase ‘Watch this space’, springs readily to mind. Well done, Thomas. Keep that engine well tuned.


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