Doris and Polly by Joe Lyons

Doris and Polly

Doris was a chatterer she did it all day long

About the cost of this and that; and things that do go wrong

She bought a bird called Polly to keep her company

She thought it was a girl but then found it was a he

 After just a few days she vowed to teach the bird to speak

Instead the bird listened patiently just nodding its beak

In truth Polly could never get a word in edgeways

When Doris was sleeping; Polly repeated all that Doris says

Doris took Polly to the pet shop to find out why he wouldn’t talk

She left Polly with the pet shop owner while she went for a walk

Once Doris had left the shop Polly talked nonstop for an hour

About all the things that could go wrong and just who had the power

About this and that in Doris’s life that made Doris moan and groan

The pet shop owner was surprised how Polly’s vocabulary had grown

Instead of plain talking it was asking questions all the time

When it heard the answers Polly paused then answered; fine

When Doris returned she was amazed at the transformation

Vowed to take him on a quiz show where he would amaze the nation

Finally the quiz day came Doris was in a dither

Under the big screen lights Polly started to quiver

Saying why are the lights so bright I don’t understand who cannot see?

Why did you bring me to this place? What is meant to be?

Doris whispered shush! In a minute a question he will ask

Then you can answer and live up to your task

Now Polly was so brilliant answered all the questions right

He won all the major prizes without taking flight

Doris was so pleased that they had done so well

Thinking of home and the stories she could tell

The studio trip for Polly had been too much it’s sad to tell

Not another word or comment or question would Polly yell

He remained quiet for the rest of his days

His eyes still gleamed hearing Doris’s praise

Doris loved his company and his funny ways

She treasured Pollys time and loved him all the more

They’re still together happily I cannot say no more.


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