The Tale of the Unused Motor Car by Michael Healy

The Tale of the Unused Motor Car  
The Driver is ill, so the car sits still, to the dismay of both.
I have sat here for far too long,                  
Shivering, waiting to be gone
You parked me up the other week
Having run without a squeak
My engine purring as we went
Then roaring as your throttle sent
Me charging down that long straight road
Going faster and faster with no load
Holding tight around the bends
Going wherever your mind sends
Changing  gear with the steering wheel paddles
Making the riders shudder in their saddles
Wow! that was fun as we flew along
But now that fun is all but gone
Why don’t you come and sit inside
I’ll take you for a lovely drive.
Well you see, it’s not that easy
For I have been feeling rather queasy
Just not fit to drive my car
But, my dear, sweet Jaguar
You’re still my favourite drive, by far.
I’ll take you out again tomorrow
And wash away all your sorrow.
                                                          Jag 2 unused Michael Healy

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