A NEW ADDITION by Michael Healy


To all the world, you should know,

We have a grand new Grandson.                                                                                   


He’s now just eighteen weeks of age                                                  

And his names are Douglas, Jack

Of a sparkle in his little eyes, there is no lack

To give a cheeky smile – and a little squeak back.


Of course Mum and Dad love him to bits

And on Gran and Gramps knees he often sits

His sisters and brother want him to play

But they must wait for future days.


He likes to lie out on the floor

And shake his hands, his legs and more

Last night he moved his legs to slide

Across the floor to reach dad’s side.


So quiet and happy is his mood

Until it is time for his food

Then he shouts until he’s fed,                   

Afterwards, eyes are heavy for bed.

Michael with baby

How wonderful it is

To have this new addition

Each stage as he grows

His joy will be our mission!


By Michael Healy (Grandad)


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