Georgie Porgie Part 2 by Chris South

Georgie Porgie Part 2 by Chris South


Georgie Porgie’s at it again

Every budget brings the pain

For some poor unsuspecting soul

Whose purse has sprung a gaping hole


He’s unpicked yet another stitch

To line the pockets of the rich

By scourging disability

And stripping some of PIP

Oh Georgie Porgie you’re no good

You psycho pseudo Robin Hood

When will your scheming ever end?

Old IDS is round the bend

He’s cashing out his losing hand

And going to live in Brexit Land!

But here’s the sweetener to the deal

That bitter aftertaste appeal

To spare our kiddies’ heart attacks

He’s introduced a sugar tax

With extra maths, more hours at school

Academies become the rule

They’re certain now to reach the top

Deprived of all their fizzy pop!

But will he stand to take the blame?

When poisoned by more aspartame

Our future generations cry

Oh Georgie Porgie why oh why?

And for his final last Huzzah

Our poor deluded chancellor

Will pull a bunny from his hat

A budget surplus nice and fat

In 2020 so he claims

Having fluffed two fiscal aims

Despite his dodgy dealing games

Well would you bank on that?


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