Sounds like thunder by Joe Lyons

Sounds like thunder by Joe Lyons


The elephants come into view tramping down the track

Inbred in each of them they knew they’d be coming back

The ground shakes like an earthquake

With branches falling in their wake

Onward they tramp with never a backward glance

Single file never faltering they move like in a trance

There are so many elephants here it sounds just like thunder

Trees now a shake so bad, would it tear them all asunder?

It took more than an hour for the procession to pass

Moving forever forward they travelled on, in mass

Only the old bull moved warily his eyes missed nothing

Their pace raised smelling the river, where they’d soon be quaffing

A leopard stopped in front of them before scurrying away

The old bull trumpeted loudly as if to save the day

The river refreshing as they wash and drink their fill

Now crossing the river to where the land is greener still

They make their way to a place of safety where elephants can rest

In the past here they stayed with food and safety it will be best

Elephant migration is a sight to behold

For those lucky enough to see; these are the stories to be told


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