The sun slowly climbed over the horizon, bringing a welcoming warmth to the animals living in the jungle. As the rays filtered through the trees, their shadows lengthened across the clearings, looking like green striped carpets.

A sloth, slowly stretched and yawned as it hung to a branch by its long claws.

Tongue flicking in and out, testing the odours in the air, a green, yellow and red snake eased out from under rocks, searching for an early meal.

The deafening cries of a group of howler monkeys, echoed through the canopy high above, drowning out any other sounds in the vicinity.

Responding to the pangs of hunger, a large monkey decided he must search further afield for his favourite berries, nuts, and fruit. This essential food supply was becoming ever scarcer in this neck of the woods.

Minutes after reaching the ground, he happened upon one of the local hyenas.

“Good morrow to you, my fine friend. Where might you be heading on such a nice day?” enquired the monkey.

“Me? I thought I’d take a leisurely stroll before breakfast to give mean appetite. Then, I might fancy one of those giddy, tail flickinggazelles that frequent the hippo lake, for a drink every morning.” Helaughed. “I need something to get my teeth into.”

“Well don’t look at me!” the monkey told him.

“You are certainly not on my menu, my friend. I don’t fancy gettingmy teeth into that manky, flea infested coat of yours.”

“Oh charming!…anyway, I enjoy scratching immensely. I find it quite therapeutic.”

“You see.” continued the hyena. “I relish the chase. One gets more of a thrill, than just knocking off the odd lazy monkey.” He raised his nose in the air. “One must keep up ones reputation, mustn’t one?” “Reputation?….What reputation is that, may I be so bold as to ask?”

Sticking his nose in the air again. “Well, it does so happen; that I am the bravest animal, in this entire jungle.”

Now it was the monkey’s turn to laugh. “You, the bravest animal inthe jungle!….l should cocoa….I’m braver than you!”

“Who are you kidding?….I’ve heard fairies fart afore.”

The monkey stood erect. “Are you trying to say, you are braver than


“Sure am, old chap.”

At that moment, the grass parted to reveal an extremely angry lion. Teeth showing, it roared as it headed straight for the pair. “Oh my God!” cried the monkey. With a c-chunk, he was up the nearest tree in a flash.

Meanwhile, with the hyena mesmerised with fear, the lion latched onto him. Its teeth ripped into the poor animal, tearing a massive hole down one side.

Then, as if nothing had happened, the lion licked his lips, shook his mane and padded off, back into the jungle, from whence he came.

Carefully, the monkey began to shin down the tree, peering all around for any potential danger. “Are you alright?” he called down to his friend.

With a hole in his side and guts spilling out, he looked up at themonkey through a blood filled eye, hanging out of its socket. “Am I alright?….Am I, all bloody right?….Do I look alright?….Do I?”

“I thought you were supposed to be brave?” reminded the monkey.

“I thought you were brave too. Why didn’t you come and help me?” pleaded the hyena.

“Well replied the monkey. “The way you were laughing, I thought you were getting on top.”hyena for Pete


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