Air is Everywhere by Pete Dome

New to the group, Pete brought an action poem for our trigger ‘Air’ to his first meeting. Not perfected – but a lot of fun.

Air is Everywhere by Pete Dome

Breath in

we did (Ed)

Breath out

we did

Breath in breath out

we did

Breath in…
And breath out…


For those who are still breathing
And not gasping heaving or dead
Hot air cold air
Air is everywhere
Even between my ears in my head.
Air is essential to all life
Sometimes you can cut it

you can even cut it with a knife
Hot air makes balloons go up
just like my arguing nagging wife
Air gives lift to birds and helps aeroplanes fly
Also known as oxygen making aqua diving 
Turns turbines and windmills all over the place
Even gives a rosy glow when the wind blows
Upon your face.


It’s a wonder they haven’t taxed it yet
Back when they taxed windows
Gin, water – unfair – bedroom and council tax
I’m going to knock all my rooms into one with an axe.

If they do impose a air tax
And I get behind in debt
I may not be back to Retford
I may just be dead.


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