Errol by Joe Lyons

Errol by Joe Lyons

Errol was a dashing man

his looks were quite supreme

He was so proud and pompous

He thought every girls dream

He couldn’t walk past a mirror

without admiring his hair and fake tan

He would walk down the street

staring in windows like only he can

He came to the conclusion

He was the most magnificent of men

Head and shoulders above others

A true Adonis until when

A grey hair appeared in horror

he fled home in a dither

Until then Errol, so proud

he would admire himself and quiver

Pulling one grey hair out, he found another,

While he kept on pulling;

more and more he did discover

It could have been the end for Errol

and really got him down

But now he’s got a shiny bald head

that’s polished and brown

He’s still so vain and proud

thinking he is the best

Thinks he’s drop dead gorgeous

at least that’s what he said

Still thinks he’s head and shoulders above the rest

With shiny shoes below – up top, a shiny head

Now he’s changed his name from Flynn to Brynner

And everyone thinks he is onto a winner 


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