Surreal by Michael Healy

We moved on from the triggers of the essential elements into firstly the Surreal – for which this is Micheal’s piece by way of introduction, then up to ‘Impression’.


In the colourful world in which we live The skies are blue and our land has a tinge of green birds fly by squeaking in agitated  flocks. And fields of corn wave golden across a tree-punctured landscape or Crashing waves form a Dark storming sea.

But, not everything has to be painted by an artist in exact form. They may have their own interpretation of the world, As the work of our artists John Constable and JMW Turner.

Although these two highly skilled men had a famous artistic feud, their work led to some romantically famous, beautiful trees, cottages and ships, on canvas representing the British countryside of the 1880s.

But not all contemporary painters  used romantic realism – some of the painters used their own representation of things,  a style that finally became known as Surreal.

Salvador Dali was one such exponent.  Born in 1904 he was a great self-publicist for his work.

Pablo Picasso was another great artist of the Surreal style.

Like Dali, Picasso was born in Spain, in 1881, and became probably the leader of the Surreal Movement and sold his many paintings for fortunes.

Surreal art was not just restricted to painters on canvass.  Sculptors also indulged in that medium.  Henry Moore became internationally famous, for his sculptoral gigantism. He established the Henry Moore Foundation as a school to develop Massive  metal Sculptures, as was his style.

Not everything had to be obscure or massively oversize in the Surreal.

For example, the matchstick Men of Lowry: highly powerful but realistic and original imagery.

Michael Healy



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