The Crows by Pete Dome

The Crows by Pete Dome
Hideous craving raucous crows
Lurk in the dark shrouding  shadows
Of the human soul
The labyrinth of the unconscious mind 
Harbors thoughts trapped 
Within the cobwebs of ravaging time.
During slumber our darkest thoughts 
And fears awake within the confines
Of nightmares wake
As the ferryman awaits
To take you across the scary lake.
To a far off distant land
Where you are bound and tied
By feet and hand
Helpless the scary movie unfolds
Enter the hideous craving raucous crows. 

3 thoughts on “The Crows by Pete Dome

  1. Are you a nighttime cheese fiend, Pete? Judging from the words of this poem, it would appear that you had a right old feast of extra mature chedder before going to bed.
    Scary stuff. Well done. Poor old crows, though – and Rooks and Ravens: their dark attire has given them a bad name, and associated them with all things dark and sinister.


    • Hi David. Yes you deduced correctly. Your detective skills are impeccable.’Guilty’.Cheese cheese and more please. Some say the moon is made of cheese. Hope to go there one day Thank you so much. friend.Take care my friend. Best wishes. Pete.


  2. Thanks David. Yes your great detective skills have found me out. ‘Guilty’. cheese cheese and more please, cheesy smile as well. take care my friend see you soon. Pete’ The big cheese” ar well.


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