ANNIVERSARY by Barrie Purnell

ANNIVERSARY by Barrie Purnell

 It is a day I try to ignore but one I cannot avoid

The day that you left me and my life was destroyed

It is a date that will always be engraved on my mind

The last day of happiness the last day my sun shined

My skies became dark I heard the lonely dogs bark

Raindrops and tears combined to make my eyes blind


I remember oh so clearly the bright spring day that we met

Your eyes were moss green and hair a shade of brunette

I see the swell of your bosom and the sway of your hips

The smell and feel of your skin and the taste of your lips

I see the tilt of your head hear the things that you said

All my previous courtships this was going to eclipse


The day that I married you was a day I could never forget

You took me without reservation said there would be no regret

Said your love was enduring your love was constant and pure

You said “I won’t let you go and for my love there’s no cure”

You promised never to leave me to hurt or deceive me

We were both so very sure that our love would endure


Our friends were there for your birthday in a country house by the river

Where our wedding vows were renewed so how can I forgive her

When she has left me without warning it was heartless and cruel

That’s what love does they say it can make you look like a fool

Love can tear you apart love can break down your heart

With love there isn’t a rule that they can teach you at school


I hope you’ve found happiness wherever it is that you are

You know my love goes with you I’ll be your lucky star

We’re not the first to have loved and lost many go before

But this avalanche of sadness has me pinned down to the floor

Everywhere I can see your face but my loneliness fades into space

I stare at the bedroom door where hangs the coat you once wore


So why did you leave me here why did you go away

I find no comfort in others’ embraces or in what they say

Not every anniversary is happy some can make you cry

Holding memories of sadness that don’t fade as time goes by

I know when truths are laid bare life is not impartial or fair

And our mortality would imply one of us would be the first to die

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