‘Restless’ and ‘New Home’ by Angela O’Connor


In the dream he’d been watching

not listening

Always the same time of day

 And once he was even drifting

In a land far far away

Wondering out loud if

He’d touched her, tasted her

Precious few reasons to give

Waking with a silent self-despair.


New Home

The wall is cool to touch,

Uneven solid and tall.

How many souls have rested here,

Laughed, cried and died.


Many stories held within mortar

Now, mine too lays its foundation

A crack here, peeling there

My home, my body, my soul

One thought on “‘Restless’ and ‘New Home’ by Angela O’Connor

  1. Thanks for these two intriguing pieces, Angela. I like the way you are able to conjure a sense of mystery and other worldliness using so few words. Is ‘Restless’ about a recent lost love?
    I have always thought that ‘Home’ is an interesting word. What do we really mean when we say ‘I’m going home.’ Or ‘Welcome to my new home.’ I expect the word means different things to different people. A new home is full of new possibilities, new potentials; perhaps even new beginnings.

    Thanks again,

    David G.


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