A Year Moves on by Micheal Healy

A Year Moves on
It was just about a year ago I came to you with splendid news,
a new addition to the Healy family a sparkling, smiling new Grandson for us to welcome.
Named Douglas Jack in memory of his father’s late grandfather.
At first he just lay there, making little noise or movements, but gradually he started to let us know when it was feed time, then whether the feed was what he liked. 
Oh, we were also made aware when it was nappy change time.
He liked to lie snoozing on the floor within his favourite blanket
Gradually he learned to crawl and quite soon  to climb the stairs,
under our close watch.
All this progressing towards the big day! A sunny Sunday.
We called round for afternoon tea with his Mum and Dad, my wife knocked on the front door which was locked.
No one came so she knocked again and this time, we heard the patter of small feet running down the hall.
My wife and I looked at each other and smiled.
The door was opened for us and yes, Douglas was indeed starting to walk.  Marvellous.
Except now there is no cupboard door, drawer or shelf in reach which is safe from young prying eyes and hands, but the joy of watching those little legs running, outweighs any problem.
I wonder, what news I will be able to report to you at two years of age?
We will see.   

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