ELVIS IN MY LIFE by Pete Brammer

Try this with your favourite star

ELVIS IN MY LIFE by Pete Brammer

I was ALL SHOOK UP when my wife, A HARDHEADED WOMAN: ONE NIGHT, gave A BIG HUNK O’LOVE to my one-time mate, Mick Shepherd. Or OLD SHEP. as we called him. As you can imagine, I felt I GOT STUNG. Apparently he had boasted that she was indeed, HIS LATEST FLAME.

Their love exploits had been quite, WILD IN THE COUNTRY. His explanation was; you CAN’T HELP FALLING IN LOVE, and had just presented her with a GOOD LUCK CHARM.

I became so angry that I yelled at her; ‘YOU’RE THE DEVIL IN DISGUISE.IT IS NO SECRET that it has also upset our son’s, FRANKIE AND JOHNNY. The youngest, Johnny looked up at me and said “DON’T CRY DADDY.”

All I could say was, THERE GOES MY EVERYTHING. I don’t think there has ever been, such A FOOL SUCH AS I. I always knew she was like her mother, A HARD HEADED WOMAN. Who was always guilty of TOO MUCH MONKEY BUSINESS.

So now I have the MOODY BLUES, and realised I had to SURRENDER.

In the LOVE LETTERS I found from her lover. He said.

“IT’S NOW OR NEVER – YOU DON’T HAVE TO SAY YOU LOVE ME. We’ve GOT A LOT O’LOVIN’ TO DO – JUST PRETEND you love him – UNTIL IT’S TIME FOR YOU TO GO. -1 know he’ll have a BLUE CHRISTMAS, but LOVING YOU means everything to me. – YOU ARE ALWAYS ON MY MINDI WAN’T YOU. I NEED YOU. I LOVE YOU – your husband will always have his MEMORIES – while we are enjoying a WONDERFUL WORLD – I’ll always give you my BURNING LOVE, and I left the wife telling her SHE’S NOT YOU – she sent me a letter begging me to take her back, so I sent it back, after writing on the envelope; RETURN TO SENDER– I’m so STUCK ON YOU with such a FEVER that I NEED YOUR LOVE TONIGHT – Looking forward to when you SURRENDER yourself again to me….

lots of love,


I JUST CAN’T HELP BELIEVING she has left me. I keep recalling our honeymoon when we had so much FUN IN ACAPULCO.

Before little Frankie went to bed with his favourite TEDDY BEAR. He asked me, “Daddy, ARE YOU LONESOME TONIGHT? This really hurt me, feeling I had a WOODEN HEART – so hurt and without any feelings.

GIRLS. GIRLS, GIRLS! I’ve had my belly-full! All I wanted was for her to LOVE ME TENDER. Even my HOUND DOGROUSTABOUT – seemed to sense my hurt, and ended up chewing my favourite BLUE SUEDE SHOES.

The house will never be the same again without her. It will be more like a HEARTBREAK HOTEL than a loving home.

Several times I’ve ended up CRYING IN THE CHAPEL after praying she’ll come back to me. I always thought we’d grow old together. Now I’ll never be able to FOLLOW THAT DREAM.

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