Light by Michael Healy

Light by Michael Healy

My bed was in a slept-in mess, for I had just awoken.
I picked my feather pillows up, crumpled but not broken,
They felt so very light, compared with their size.
My brain began to wake and rise,
And my thoughts came as no surprise.
What is Light?

We know what Einstein said;
Energy equals mass times a constant squared.
E = mc2, that constant, c, is the speed of light
299 792 458 metres per second.
Thus, mass,m, is crucial to the energy as it beacons
Light is energy. The more energy the brighter the light.

I switched on my bedside lamp.
This had a halogen bulb, very energetic, very bright.
All around my room was excess light.
I opened my room’s curtains. Outside the dawn was dull.
Daylight was late coming, clouds filtered sunlight from being full.
This greyness made me sad.

What is it about light, it seems to affect people’s mood.
Bright light and the soul is cheered,
Darkness and gloom prevails, almost feared.
But the human soul interacts with its environment and light.
Indeed light is crucial to life on earth.

Without light:
Our bodies cannot synthesize crucial vitamins and hormones,
Plants cannot photosynthesize; no vegetables, fruit and flowers.
The World would be a dull, lifeless, monochrome; a cold place.

Thank goodness for the light of the sun,
For the warmth and light in our homes.
May the light waves from the sun, and their photon particles,
Continue to brighten our lives.

Dr Michael Healy

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