Metally by Michael Keeble

Michael’s response to the trigger ‘Irony’

Metally by Michael Keeble

If it’s hard and it goes rusty and it came from out the ground,
And its ore is kind of reddy in the earth from where it’s found,
When you add it to some coally stuff and suddenly it’s steel,
And in metal terms it’s softy but it’s hard to touch and feel,
Then it seems to be most likely or at least it does to me,
Describing it most fully is to call it irony.


Jenna and the Challenge by Michael Healy

A third installment of Michael’s story for all grandchildren everywhere
Jenna and the Challenge
Jenna the elephant was off to town to take the Royal Family
His howdah was fitted with a cover to stop the rain
And the young family members climbed up and sat down.
Clearly the rain was a nuisance to all.
Jenna was unhappy as his normal carer, Majub, was not here
Instead he had sent his son Tariq to take care.
The Head of the Royals was not coming
So they set off down the road to town.
They had not gone far when this big American car forced its way past Jenna
Jenna saw the passenger was the Head of the Royals, but worse:
The driver was Majub!
How could he let Jenna down so.
Off shot the car, spraying Jenna and all on board with mud
Grrrrr, thought Jenna. What did the future hold for him now?
A nice dry and warm car stood there just waiting to go.
No draughty saddle to mount in sun or snow.
Eventually they reached town and Jenna saw the car
Parked just where he would stand to wait the return of his passengers.
Tariq led him in front of the car to wait the return and gave him a bucket of water.
Jenna could not help but look at this fancy car, with all its shiny chrome.
He felt quite tired, with the heavy saddle and the walk he had just done.
He decided he needed to sit down, so he sat down – right on top of this new cars bonnet.
Crunch, crash, smash! Oh dear, what a mess he had made of the shiny new car.
He got up and shuffled forward to look all innocent. But Majub was there.
‘Jenna, what have you done’, said Majub. ‘This will take weeks to repair’
‘Oh good’, thought Jenna. ‘ That will teach them not to use a car’.



What have they done with fun?
Where has all the fun gone?
Has it all been outsourced to Canton?
Is it in the library at the Sorbonne?
Does anyone know what they’ve done?

What have they done with fun?
There used to be so much more of it
Every village would have at least one eejit
A clown or a flibbertigibbet
Now I swear you can’t even find one

What have they done with fun?
Have they sold it all off to the toffs?
Who’ll waste it watching plays by Chekov?
And listening to Rachmaninov
Is that where all the fun’s gone?

What have they done with fun?
We used to have fun playing games
On see-saws and climbing frames
And calling other people names
We were free to shout and laugh and run

What have they done with the fun?
Why is everything so serious?
Now you cannot be spontaneous
Everything is unhealthy or dangerous
They have put an embargo on fun

What have they done with fun?
Has it been killed by health and safety rules
Banning skipping and conkers at schools
Telling us snowballing’s only for fools
And it’s dangerous to play in the sun