FOREVER YOUNG by Pete Brammer

A deadly serious piece from our quip-master. How hard is your heart?


She came into the world, against her will,
In a dark and dingy room,
A dangling bulb, on threadbare wire,
Hardly broke the dismal gloom.

Alone with her terrified, teenage mum,
She lay there, between her legs,
Along with the paraphernalia,
Of needles and heroin dregs.

In a pool of blood, she wriggled around,
Reaching out, to touch a bare thigh,
For no one could save, this poor little mite,
This new born, destined to die.

Her teenage mother, so high on drugs,
Drifted off, to meet her maker,
No goodbyes, not even a kiss,
Simply destined, to forsake her

Slowly but surely, she drifted away From life,
to which she’d had clung,
The only consolation being,
Both will be, forever young.

“Suffer little children to come unto me”.
Oh how could he let them suffer?
Why couldn’t he act, before that stage?
To raise them up, from the gutter.


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