Fallen by Angela O’Connor

Angela’s response to trigger ‘fall’:

Fallen by Angela O’Connor

Nothing ever lasts forever, truly lasts.
Like that night we walked together.
By the twinkling beck I fell into your arms,
aching for your lips. Against the skeletal Sycamore
your very being wanted much more.
But I was only fifteen.
That protective coat you had once offered
was gone. Pulled from my body like a hulled
Rapeseed husk. Now discoloured shapes
lie in my muddied heart like leaves.
In the deep brown crevices of a tilled land.
Nothing ever lasts forever.

One thought on “Fallen by Angela O’Connor

  1. Hello, Angela,

    Once again I find myself trying to see beneath the words you use to create your terse and enigmatic poems. This one seems to speaks of an adolescent’s eager and willing abandonment to her sexual desire and urgings in the misguided belief that she was entering into an adult world of perpetual love.
    Alas, she was only fifteen; too young to realize that desire and urges can be fleeting: gone in a moment of blossoming passion. Here today, in the heat of the moment, gone tomorrow, in the cold light of day. Hard lessons for a deflowered fifteen-year-old girl to deal with. Leaving her bereft and uncertain, dirty, and soiled.

    Thanks, Angela,



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